Lifeguard Training

At False Bay, we pride ourselves on being a club that is always at the top of our game. Hence, our training sessions aim to keep our lifeguards both in good shape for the voluntary duty season and fit and conditioned for the competitive aspect of lifesaving.


In season, our selected coaches take training sessions about three times per week- on Sundays and two evening sessions during the workweek. These sessions vary in nature from strength and conditioning, general fitness or surf and beach specific training. 


Along with the many other facets of our establishment, our training sessions truly promote the sense of clubmanship and zeal within our members. One can always expect a high intensity although fun session with the False Bay crew, which caters for all levels of fitness- from foundation levels all the way to the top echelons of the lifesaving scene. Training sessions are usually held at the False Bay Clubhouse in the “dungeon”, which is truly unique in the sphere of lifesaving .


The “dungeon” sessions really boost the intensity with weight training and workouts are always drenched in sweat. Training is also held behind the colourful huts at Muizenberg beach where we generally train beach events such as sprints and flags.





This is a popular venue which often attracts members from other clubs. Training sessions are held at a number of other venues in the southern suburbs to boot. These sessions play host to a number of provincial, national and world champions, which aids to the gusto of these sessions [world champ, R. de Morny?].





Our training is always performed in groups or in a competitive sporting manner, which really brings out the best in members. Needless to say, the morale after training sessions are always high and there is nothing better than a relaxing team swim to end things and recoup.